Market HQ has redefined the process of managing investor relations within a listed company. It is a fully integrated investor relations tool that links Market Holders, our leading beneficial holder register analyses, with database management and investor communications – and allows this information to be easily accessed and reported.

Market HQ was specifically developed by Market Eye given our substantial experience in working closely with listed companies on their investor relations. Market HQ is a unique web-based platform that delivers a “one-stop shop” for identifying, monitoring and contacting existing and potential investors and brokers, and importantly, offers a range of customised analysis and reporting tools.

Market HQ is a comprehensive investor relations platform with the functionality to:

  • dynamically view a company’s share register allowing the ability to track investors’ shareholdings over time
  • manage roadshows including integration with Microsoft Outlook and ability to record meeting notes and feedback
  • access an extensive domestic and international investor database detailing contact details for fund managers and brokers
  • broadcast emails and announcements to tailored distribution lists.
In addition to Market Holders, we have also utilised the Market HQ IR management platform. It’s intuitive design, functionality, including photos of most contacts on the database, and the related support provided by Market Eye have made it a valuable tool for our investor relations activities.
Ben Pitt • Head of Investor Relations, Asaleo Care Limited


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