Market Holders improves listed companies’ knowledge of who their actual shareholders are. Knowing who the beneficial holders are ensures:

  • investor relations programmes are run efficiently – allowing for investor targeting and the setting of appropriate goals
  • the relevant company is aware of who its shareholders are ahead of, during and following, periods of corporate activity and capital raisings

Most listed company share registers are dominated by custodian and nominee shareholders. Market Holders identifies and tracks the beneficial owners and institutional investors of a listed company by analysing that company’s share register using the disclosure provisions of the relevant Corporations Law.

Market Holders is a comprehensive ownership report (at any desired frequency) that outlines amongst other things:

  • shareholder movements (including colour on specific shareholders)
  • buyers and sellers
  • entering and exiting shareholders
  • shareholder make-up (geography and style)
  • detailed ownership data.
“We receive regular Market Holders share register analyses that provide us with an in-depth view of who actually holds Mastermyne shares. We have found that the analysis prepared by Market Eye is more thorough than previous analyses we received and also provides us with valuable market intelligence on key shareholder movements.”
Tony Caruso • Managing Director & CEO, Mastermyne Limited
Market Eye has consistently delivered an exceptional level of service in providing regular share ownership reports, with the analytics work done by the same locally based person for each report. It [Market Holders] provides us with rich granular information on who our underlying beneficial shareholders are and how their holdings are changing, as well as valuable market intelligence outlining the drivers for key buying and selling.
Ben Pitt • Head of Investor Relations, Asaleo Care Limited


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