Market EyeQ provides a listed company with an independent, objective analysis of share price behaviour in relation to the company’s financial decisions and financial positioning.  It identifies the key financial ratios that are driving the company’s share price, the financial ratio strengths and weaknesses and the likely outcome to planned financial changes with  respect to financial strategy, gearing, dividend policy, M&A and executive remuneration.  It also provides recommendations to help optimise a company’s Relative Total Shareholder returns into the future.

Market EyeQ uses real equity market data from more than 300 ASX listed companies and a data base in excess of 70,000 data points from over 12 years of history.  Using the analytical and financial modelling capability of Taylor Fry Analytics, a leader in big data analysis, Market EyeQ illustrates actual market price responses that correspond to a company’s current financial situation.  Using Market EyeQ we can identify what has been the share price response to specific financial situations and decisions, also what characteristics have been associated with actual positive and negative relative Total Shareholder Return outcomes. Market EyeQ provides objective benchmarking by ranking a company’s financial position relative to peers and the universe of stocks. This ranking can be used to identify whether a company is on an improving or weakening position relative to the market.

Leveraging the analytical capabilities of Market Eye and Taylor Fry, we can provide a management and board with an objective, independent framework for financial decision making, using actual equity market data that has demonstrated a proven statistical relationship with Relative Total Shareholder Returns. Over time, Market EyeQ will enable a listed company to become aware of the key financial drivers impacting its share price and optimise its decision making process for expected positive Relative Total Shareholder Return outcomes.



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