Market Briefing improves investors’ understanding of the issues impacting a listed company. Market knowledge, analytical expertise and finance journalism skills are the hallmarks of a Market Briefing – concisely addressing market issues and improving the market’s understanding of a listed company.

A Market Briefing is a record of interview with a company’s senior executive (usually the Chief Executive Officer or Chief Financial Officer) by a member of Market Eye. The interview is undertaken by an experienced finance journalist, with analytic and market input from Market Eye’s experienced investor relations professionals.

A Market Briefing typically covers the key topical issues that a broker research analyst or fund manager is likely to raise. Market Briefings also provide a forum for listed companies to highlight key aspects of their business to increase the market’s understanding.

A Market Briefing is read by research analysts, brokers, fund managers (local and offshore), professional investors and retail investors.

All investors can access a Market Briefing. A Market Briefing is initially released to the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX), or a listed company’s home exchange, so all market participants are informed of the briefing at the same time. There is no risk of selective disclosure when using Market Eye’s Market Briefing service. Once lodged with the relevant securities exchange, the Market Briefing is then circulated by the listed company to its distribution list and also by Market Eye to its Market Briefing distribution list.

“The strategy to release this with our ASX release – at such a busy time of year for all was the right thing to do. The document has been well received by the broker community and they pointed out the helpfulness of it.”
David Yates • Investor Relations Manager, Dexus Property Group


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