Investor targeting is a key component of every Investor Relations program. Creating a share register that is diversified, by both investor type and geography is key to increasing liquidity and active demand for a company’s shares.

Specifically, offshore investor targeting is a vital part of building the register to enable that geographic spread, but it can be difficult for companies to know which investors they should target to engage with suitable and eligible potential new investors. Tinder for investors I hear you say? Not quite, but there is a tool available that can significantly ease this burden of searching for the right offshore investors for your register, and it goes by the name of BuySideIQ.

Through Market Eye’s recent strategic partnership with IPREO, a global leader in providing capital markets’ intelligence and share ownership data, we can now offer this platform to clients in Australia. Here are some of the questions we have been receiving from clients:

What exactly is BuySideIQ?

BuySideIQ is a quantitative web-based investor targeting solution that is part of IPREO’s investor relations technology platform. It’s designed to accurately match issuers with qualified institutional investors and portfolios. It allows you to proactively target investors that are the best candidates to own your stock based on their investment portfolios, while also allowing you to learn more about the existing investors on your register.

What are the mechanics behind the matching?

It analyses the investment strategies of over 50,000 global institutional portfolios, ranks them according to how well they fit your company’s current investment characteristics giving you the best candidates to own your stock.

How do I know who’s on my register?

Conducting an in-depth analysis of your register is the only way to truly identify who the real beneficial holders of your stock are. Market Holders is a comprehensive share register analysis report that identifies and tracks the beneficial owners and institutional investors on your register and used in conjunction with the BuySideIQ tool can allow you to both identify who your investors are and uncover a vast amount of additional data and analytics on them.

How do I tailor or narrow down my search?

The online targeting capabilities of BuySideIQ give you the ability to search for institutions and funds based on:

  • Suitability – across 15 financial metrics
  • Purchasing power
  • Market cap exposure
  • Industry exposure
  • Country exposure.

It also takes into account those whose emphasis on growth, valuation, profitability and risk are consistent with your company.

What are the benefits of BuySideIQ?

  • It has contact information for over 50,000 buy side firms and 153,000 individual fund managers
  • It enables you to proactively target investors and improves the productivity of those searches
  • Allows you to learn more about existing investors.